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Millions of people suffer from Allergies on a daily basis. Our partnership with Alerje aimed to make life saving allergy medication more assessable during critical moments. Together with the team at Alerje we wanted to design life saving device that solved for the physical and emotional needs of the user. Through rigorous testing and building we developed and patented an innovative medical device.

What we've done

1. Design Exploration

2. Prototyping & Testing

3. Designed for Manufacturability

Validation Through Testing

Rigorous testing allowed us to prove our functionality and design. We design custom components that met the packaging needs of the user. During these stages we were faced with functional limitations and user experience requirements. Through our test and conversations with users we uncovers emotional and ergonomic requirements associated with the device. This pushed us to stretch what we believed was possible, eventually leading to a successful design.

Prototyping for functionality is a crucial step in the process, giving us a space to prove our hypothesis before we start to build prototypes with higher financial commitments. Approaching product development in this way saves our clients money while allowing us to build solutions quickly.


Our process moves fast. We test or hypothesis by putting products in front of users and stockholders, synthesis our findings, then iterate on those designs until we arrive to a solution that meets the users needs.

Our Client

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