Face Guard

Industrial Design


FaceGuard is a COVID - 19 solution focused on providing an ergonomic and more aesthetic pleasing option for face protection.  

The face shield is made of a light weight and shatter resistant polycarbonate material, with a compress wool head strap. It's lined with a soft touch silicone coating around the outer edges for comfort.

What we've done

1. Design Exploration

2. Prototyping & Testing

3. Designed for Manufacturability

4. Manufacturer sourcing

5. Product Management


Crafted through extensive prototyping, and testing to find a well fitted, comfortable solution. Our goal was to strike a balance between comfort and aesthetic without jeopardizing functionality and safety. The design focuses on providing the best seal around the most exposed area of the users face, keeping out contaminates, while reducing fog and weight.

Designed to sit comfortable on the bridge of the nose while extending further down the length of the face for superior protection when compared to typical face and eye protection.

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