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Unfiltered second hand smoke is one of the most toxic chemicals to inhale. Smokers continuously need to make decisions that benefit the people around them, in order to enjoy their cigarette. The only other options  for smoking inside and around the general public are vape pens, which don't provide the same level of experience and satisfaction for traditional smokers.

What we've done

1. Design Exploration

2. Prototyping & Testing

3. Engineering

4. Designed for manufacturability & Assembly

5. Material Selection


Designed with care and emotional awareness, FLTR premium design was built to be obscure, and comfortable for the user. Our goal was to create a sleek, minimalist product with a premium feel that allowed the user to indulge comfortably around their peers.

Through user research we uncovered a primary need to smoke without the stigma associated with having a bad habit. Our client also wanted to target a specific look and feel that matched what they identified with as their brand image.


Through our exploration we converged on a design that addressed the issue of toxic second hand smoke, and unpleasant smells. We successfully combined parts of the traditional smoking experience and more modern vape pens sold currently.

Simple & Intuitive

The user inhales and exhales through the orifice located at the top of the mouthpiece. After exhaling, the internal chambers direct the air through the filtration unit and out the bottom of the device. After, simply dispose of the ashes.


Designed with an injection molded internal frame that guides the airflow throughout the device, while housing a system of custom design mechanical components that facilitate filtration.

Our final solution featured an extruded aluminum housing, with a brushed texture. A front facing, elegantly printed band name. Machined end caps, with a soft touch coating.

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