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What if there were simpler, functional, more elegant solutions to basic communications. SIM.PL is a case study into what that solution might look like. A phone that brings back some of that basic retro functionality that we are missing in phones today. It focuses on providing a more tactile interaction that helps to reduce the size of the phone and screen, but still provides a larger screen when the need arises.

What we've done

1. Design Research

2. Design Exploration

3. Prototyping & Testing

4. Designed for Manufacturability

5. Component based UI design

Design Research

In our design workshops and surveys we uncovered that participants had a lack of enthusiasm towards phones available on the market today. This led us to think about solutions that revived interest. Our team noticed a over indexing on the user interface with almost no though toward touch and physical interaction.

Our design exploration set out to uncover what types of interactions made people more engage with the phone on a physical level. We wanted to understand what size and shape really made sense. Considering average hand size, pocket size and screen real estate.

Our team engaged in secondary research, cross referencing industry exemplars for inspiration, then designed around some key interactions to test our hypothesis in real space. We wanted to learn more about the best shape and size, while learning how this would couple with potential user interface interactions.


SIM.PL is made to be durable. Design with a rigid internal shell that protects the electronics from damage, taking away to need to purchase an additional protective case.

Material Matters

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