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FaceGuard is a COVID - 19 solution focused on providing a more convenient ergonomic solution for hand sanitation. This design sets out to make hand sanitation more assessable by avoiding clutter and solving for sustainability issues inherent with plastic disposal.

What we've done

1. Design Exploration

2. Prototyping & Testing

3. Designed for Manufacturability

4. Manufacturer sourcing

5. Product Management

6. Branding


The sanitizing unit is made of an extruded, durable, coated aluminum housing, made to withstand everyday use. Internally we design a custom  injection molded cap, frame and disposal housing made to hold the sanitizer solution. With aesthetic and usability, and function meeting to create a holistic design, this product is truly built to be carried with you.

Thoughtful Design

Reducing waste with a .25 oz disposal capsule. Designed for ease of use, and simplicity.

Branding and UI 

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