Crafting engaging digital and physical product experiences

We are a design and innovation consultancy based out of Chicago, IL, with our main office strategically located inside one of the nation's largest innovation hubs.

Services we provide

Industrial Design

Marrying form, function, and innovation to shape products that enrich lives and enhance everyday experiences.

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UI Design

Creating digital interfaces that meet user needs, are aesthetically pleasing, visually intuitive, scalable and engaging.

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UX Design

Shaping digital journeys, empathizing with users, and refining interfaces for intuitive, enjoyable, and meaningful experiences.

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Design Strategy

Crafting a roadmap to align creativity and business goals, optimizing innovation and user value for lasting success.

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But how do we
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In this phase, the design team seeks to understand the needs, emotions, and experiences of the users or target audience.



In the Define stage, data is analyzed to identify user needs, desires, and pain points, then used to create actionable problem and opportunity statements.



In this collaborative phase, ideas and potential solutions are generated through brainstorming, prototyping, and testing to find the best solution for the defined problem.



In the last phase, the chosen solution is refined and developed into a polished product or service that effectively addresses the defined problem and user needs.

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What our clients
are saying

Javier Evelyn

Founder & CEO @ Alerje

Nathan's design thinking process has been crucial to the success of Alerje's core development projects. I've learned a ton while working alongside him. I'd recommend Nathan and Next Sketch in a heartbeat for anyone looking to take an idea on a napkin, or even looking to refine their current design process.


Manufacturing Engagement Associate @ Mhub

Next Sketch is one of the most dependable, conscientious, and innovative Design firms we have worked with. They has completed several projects of varying complexity  while consistently maintaining deadlines.

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Asked Question

We understand that when considering our services, you may have specific queries and concerns. That's why we have curated a collection of frequently asked questions.

How will human-centered design benefit my organization and our products?

Human-centered design matters because it's about crafting for real people. Understanding their needs, feelings, and struggles ensures what we create truly resonates. It's the heartbeat of designs that make a difference, evoking genuine connections and joy in users.

Will my team be active participants in the process?

In the design thinking journey, collaboration is like a jam session where everyone brings their instrument to create a unique melody. Co-creation is inviting friends to help compose, ensuring the song resonates with their hearts, making it a tune we all hum and cherish.

How far will Next Sketch take me. Will I have a fully functional Prototype or product?

At Next Sketch, design isn't a job, it's our passion. We dive into your users' world, iterate, and test concepts, but it doesn't end there. We partner with engineers and manufacturers to ensure every detail counts in crafting a flawless product.

Does Next Sketch manufacture or build the product for me?

Not quite! We work hand-in-hand with engineers and manufacturers, making sure every design nuance is nurtured till the very end for a product that's not just designed but perfectly crafted.

What is does the payment structure look like?

Payments are structured in phases, each with its quoted amount. To initiate a phase and allocate resources, 50% of the cost is due upfront. The remaining balance, accurately calculated based on hours utilized, is expected at the conclusion of each phase.